Survey Results Show IT Professionals Loyal to AIX Platform and Focused on Security

February 27, 2018

Minneapolis, MN, February 27, 2018— HelpSystems today released the results of a global survey on usage and plans for AIX in the enterprise. Key findings show high satisfaction with the platform’s ability to reliably run critical business solutions. For the second straight year, cybersecurity ranks as a top concern.

AIX runs essential business processes in IT environments for organizations all around the world. High satisfaction rates prevail, as 89.5 percent of survey respondents reported that AIX provides a higher ROI than other operating systems, up from 86 percent last year. The overwhelming majority use AIX to run at least 25 percent of their core business. And over half of respondents (54.1 percent) plan to increase their AIX footprint.

Cybersecurity continues to be a top concern. Almost all responding organizations (94.8 percent) have compliance requirements such as Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), PCI DSS, HIPAA, and GDPR. Though so many are concerned about cybersecurity, more than half of respondents have not implemented basic security controls like virus protection, network firewalls, two-factor authentication, and database encryption.

“Users on other platforms rank cybersecurity as a top concern, and it looks like AIX experts are no different,” said Tom Huntington, Executive Vice President of Technical Solutions, HelpSystems. “The AIX platform is so integral to their companies’ operations that they most always look to secure it.”

Chris Heim, CEO of HelpSystems, says the results affirm the platform’s reputation. “AIX has proven its value to global organizations, and we’re seeing that as the great majority of users look to expand their AIX footprint rather than decrease or eliminate it. That shows confidence in the platform’s reliability and scalability as organizations grow.”

The complete AIX Community Survey findings are now available online.

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