2016 IBM i Security Study Exposes Lack of Virus Protection and System Auditing

April 21, 2016

Minneapolis, MN, April 21, 2016—HelpSystems today released the 2016 State of IBM i Security Study. The report sheds light on how poorly prepared many organizations are to prevent a data breach.

For 13 years, this annual study has provided insight into IBM i security vulnerabilities and ways to correct them. Key findings this year include:

  • Nearly every system analyzed had users with unnecessary and potentially dangerous data access
  • Most organizations do not properly control or audit who has access to the network
  • 89 percent of systems are at risk of falling victim to a virus attack due to insufficient anti-virus controls

“The myth that IBM i is virus-proof is long established and companies are slowly wakening to the fact it is not true,” said Robin Tatam, Director of Security Technologies, HelpSystems. “The risk is significant, but it’s not surprising to see so many systems without anti-virus controls. Businesses are just starting to realize that viruses are a real IBM i threat.”

This year’s study includes data from 177 IBM i servers and partitions reviewed by the Powertech Security Scan in 2015. Participating organizations varied in size and represent multiple industries, including insurance, retail, manufacturing, and finance.

“Cybersecurity has become a business issue, not just an IT concern,” said Chris Heim, CEO, HelpSystems. “Threats evolve constantly, and the information in this study can help IBM i organizations determine how to start improving their security posture.”

For more information about other IBM i security gaps that increase the risk of a data breach, download your copy of the study today.

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