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11 - 12
Live Event

Join Ian Jones and Imran Mirza of the JAMS Team as they showcase the latest JAMS version and give away one-of-a-kind JAMS prizes.

Live Event
Please join us for an educational discussion about the topic that's on all of our minds - cybersecurity.

Experts acknowledge that security and compliance are among the most important corporate initiatives today, affecting every facet of business. Join Sandi Moore on her mission to provide clarity and guidance around cybersecurity and how it relates to Power Systems.

5 - 8
Live Event

Join the JAMS Team at Ellucian Live 2020 for a special JAMS Session on Ellucian Banner Automation! During the session, Jon Spencer and Louis Diaz-Delgado of the JAMS Team will be joined by Tom Willner (Director of Enterprise Applications at Georgia State University) to showcase how leading institutions leverage JAMS to automate and schedule cross-platform workflows, monitor critical IT processes, and deliver exceptional service to students and business users.