InterMapper | Network Monitoring

Network Monitoring

How well do you know your network?

You know your network in and out, but monitoring every device, application, and server for quality control is a lot of work—and it’s not even part of your job description. But who else can you trust to maintain the health of your diverse network? And do you get a call when the network slows down?

With more than 30 years of experience in building solutions for systems and network management, as well as enterprise automation, business intelligence, and security and compliance, HelpSystems has the tools you need to build a network you can rely on.


The Network Monitoring Tool
That Does It All

The benefits of using network monitoring software from HelpSystems are limitless. You can trust InterMapper network monitoring software, which automatically polls every device on your network—near and far—to provide you with real-time insights into the bandwidth usage, network availability, and more so that you can monitor your entire network from one screen.

Use this real-time network data to solve mysteries, improve efficiency, and maintain SLAs across your busy network. With just one tool, you’ll gain visibility into and reap the rewards of:

  • Wireless network monitoring
  • Network mapping and topography
  • Server monitoring
  • Application monitoring
  • Bandwidth usage
  • Real-time data and visualization of your network
  • Custom and automatic notification

“Management really likes InterMapper’s graphical representation. It makes it very easy to understand device conditions and network status,” Mr. Hurst says. “InterMapper makes sense to everybody—it's made it a whole lot easier to monitor and maintain our network.”

—Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office