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Skybot Scheduler

Automate Complex, Cross-System Schedules with Ease

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Skybot Scheduler is the easy-to-use, yet powerful job scheduling system for Windows, UNIX, and Linux servers. With Skybot Scheduler, you can build complex schedules quickly and easily across multiple systems and applications including:

Skybot Scheduler eliminates the need for multiple schedules and manual monitoring by incorporating multiple workflows into a single, comprehensive schedule that can handle complex dependencies and notify you of errors quickly, so minor problems don't become major headaches.

Enterprise scheduling, monitoring, and notification has never been easier.

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    • Supported Platforms
    • Windows, UNIX, Linux, AIX, Apple (Mac OSX), IBM i Agent, Solaris SPARC

Maximize Efficiency with Reactivity and Event-Driven Scheduling

Event-driven scheduling goes beyond calendars and lets you automate entire processes, while ensuring that jobs are completed in the required order.

Jobs are initiated by events—the completion of Event A triggers the start of Event B. An event can be the completion of another job, a file arrival, a process starting or ending on another system. Learn more...

Key Features

  • Audit history tracks key information for compliance with regulation requirements, including HIPAA, PCI and SOX.

  • Job monitors provide job failure notifications via email, text, or problem ticket.

  • Skybot’s Forecast displays the expected start time, run time, and prerequisites of any scheduled job.

  • Upload jobs from other schedulers and convert them to Skybot Scheduler.

  • Job Flow Diagrams display the dependencies between jobs and system events in your enterprise schedule.

  • The SAM provides a graphical display of all current activity on your Skybot network.

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