Skybot Scheduler is the easy-to-use, yet powerful enterprise job scheduling system for Windows, UNIX, and Linux servers.


Skybot Job Scheduler

Enterprise IT Job Scheduling Software

Skybot Scheduler is the easy-to-use, yet powerful enterprise job scheduling software for Windows, UNIX, and Linux servers. This job scheduling tool integrates with your business-critical applications so that you can build complex schedules quickly and easily.

Skybot Scheduler eliminates the need for multiple schedules, so you can benefit from centralized monitoring of all of your scheduled jobs. What’s more, Skybot Scheduler brings you automated auditing and reporting capabilities and custom notification options so that you and your team stay aware of important scheduling events across the enterprise.

Achieving true workload automation has never been easier.

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Job Scheduling for the Enterprise ›

We know that your enterprise job schedule isn’t cut and dry. You might have jobs that need to be run on Mondays, Tuesday, and Thursdays—but not Wednesdays. Or you might have jobs that should run on the last day of the month—but not if the last day of the month falls on the weekend. An already busy system administrator doesn’t have time to write unique scripts to automate every job that doesn’t fit a neat and tidy pattern.

Job Scheduler Software

Skybot Scheduler provides you with limitless options for scheduling jobs to help you build the dynamic enterprise schedule that supports your business’s goals. With Skybot, you can utilize more than 25 event-driven scheduling options that help you manage the important dependencies that drive your workflows.

Event-driven job scheduling is especially effective when you are managing a diverse data center: you no longer need to log in to manually trigger processes on various servers. Instead, with Skybot’s cross-platform event-driven model, a file arrival on your UNIX box can trigger the next job on your Windows machine, and you no longer have to check each server because you’ll automatically be notified of any scheduling errors that occur.

Skybot Scheduler also saves you time by allowing you to group multiple jobs into one process as well as reuse jobs in multiple job suites. With these scheduling abilities, you can truly build a dynamic and efficient job schedule that maximizes both your technological resources and your team’s skills.

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Auditing and High Availability ›

Skybot Job Scheduler Management Tool

You know that your back-end IT processes are critical to conducting daily business. Enterprise job scheduling software keeps your IT processes running smoothly so that the company can continue to develop new offerings and maintain important SLAS to keep your customers happy.

Because your data center is at the foundation of what you do, a high availability option is critical for any job scheduling tool that you’re considering. Skybot Scheduler offers high availability for a master server and a standby server. If you were to experience a network outage and your master server failed, you’d know that Skybot Scheduler will continue to run your important tasks and business can continue as usual. When it comes down to it, not having high availability for your job scheduler just isn’t an option.

With high availability, your server is running at all times—but do you know who’s accessing and changing your schedule at any given time? Role-based security options and audit history reporting are additional features that make Skybot more than just a job scheduler. Skybot Scheduler’s electronic reporting capabilities coupled with the ability to create security roles mean you know—and an auditor knows—who made what changes to the job schedule, and when.

With a set of features like these, Skybot gives you better control of and visibility into your production job streams than ever before.

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Automatic Notification ›

Picture this: it’s 2:00 a.m. and you’re dreaming peacefully, but a few miles away, your company’s data center is experiencing major troubles. Critical jobs have failed and the production workflows have stopped. When you show up in the morning, it will be total chaos—and you’ll have had no idea.

Job Scheduler Automated Alerts

That’s where automatic notification comes in. With Skybot Scheduler, you can customize notification lists within the job scheduler to alert you and a designated team of any deviations in the enterprise job schedule via email or text message. Eliminate surprises and gain control of your job schedule by staying aware of whatever job statuses are most critical to keeping your important production workflows running.

What’s more, output distribution via Skybot allows you to automatically send important job logs and files to stakeholders for review before they move forward for additional processing and distribution within the schedule. Skybot doesn’t just automate the triggering of jobs and workflows—it automates the processes related to and borne out of the job schedule, as well.

Automatic notification isn’t the only way that Skybot helps you protect IT job scheduling at your organization. Skybot makes it easy to write complex scripts to automate and secure file transfers to remote systems across your enterprise. With Skybot, you’ll know your file transfers are secure—and you won’t even have to manually enter syntax. Talk about staying efficient and proactive.

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Central Monitoring ›

Centralized Monitoring Details of Your Job ScheduleIn this day and age, you’re likely juggling an Outlook calendar, a Google calendar, an iPhone calendar, and a good old fashioned pen-and-paper planner. You have to check multiple places to stay on top of commitments and see when you’re available to schedule new events. But your enterprise shouldn’t work this way—it’s complicated enough already.

Skybot Scheduler gives you a central console from which to view your enterprise operations: your job schedule, your third-party business applications, your critical reports, and more. With our web-based user interface, you can access your enterprise schedule from your browser, which means that you can continuously manage your production workflows.

The dashboard’s graphical display makes it easy for you and for your executives to identify and understand the trends in your job schedule. With Skybot, you can also gain critical information about your job schedule from the Schedule Activity Monitor and the Job Monitor History—tools that give you deeper insight into the details of your production job streams. When you have these details—when jobs will start, their anticipated run time, and what dependencies they require—you’ll know better when to schedule new jobs or what to add to an existing workflow.

Your IT workflows never stop running and, though you should take breaks now and again, you can rest assured knowing that you can log in to one place to monitor your enterprise schedule and your business-critical applications.

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Application Integrations ›

Application sprawl is becoming increasingly common: as your growing company requires more applications to manage your data and other business requirements, you find it difficult to keep up with the output or unique schedule of each third-party application. Managing applications and native job schedules separately means that you have less time for strategic business development, product planning, and customer support. What’s best for your business in the long run?

Job Scheduler Application IntegrationsApplication-agnostic enterprise scheduling software allows you to gain central control of your business applications. With a tool like Skybot, you can integrate your applications with your job schedule to leverage the power of your applications across your enterprise. For example, with Skybot’s certified interface for both Informatica PowerCenter and Cloud, you gain more scheduling options for your Informatica software and you are able to use your data at a higher level across your business.

In addition to popular business applications, you also likely have disparate native job schedules running on your Windows and UNIX servers, and these have been your method for automating your enterprise thus far. But crontab scheduling and Windows Task Scheduler were never meant to handle your enterprise-wide job schedule. Though native schedulers like these are great for simple, time-based tasks, they do not provide the ability to react across the diverse platforms in your data center. Using Skybot, you can easily integrate your cron jobs and Windows tasks to leverage those jobs with your applications and across your business.

Skybot’s application integrations make it easier than ever to build a dynamic and flexible enterprise schedule.

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job scheduling options for enteprise automation

Maximize Efficiency with Event-Driven Scheduling

With more than 25 scheduling options, Skybot Scheduler makes it easy to integrate and automate your business processes, no matter how complex.

Event-driven options for scheduling jobs ensure that your critical tasks are completed on time and in the right order, making your workflow efficient and reliable. Show me Skybot's job scheduling options ›

Key Features

  • high availability support for your enterprise schedule

    Monitor critical processes with Skybot’s high availability and auditing capabilities.

  • Custom notifications for job statuses

    Skybot's notifications alert you to the status of jobs across your enterprise schedule.

  • Monitoring your enterprise schedule

    Skybot provides comprehensive tools to monitor the details of your job schedule from a central interface.

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