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Introducing Version 10

Allow users to easily access information without relying on IT with Query and Report WriterShowCase makes it easy for business users to access information from a variety of sources and create detailed, attractively formatted reports. Users can easily access information without relying on IT. Provide the right information to improve business performance.

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    • Supported Platforms
    • IBM i: System i, iSeries, AS/400
Access multiple databases with ShowCase for ibmi

Harness Multiple Interfaces

Access data the way that works best for you. From a modern PC format to web access, you can harness the right interface for your tasks and skill level. The new ViewPoint Explorer has a modernized interface that creates more space for displaying your ViewPoint objects while providing a more friendly, interactive, intuitive, and powerful interface for ShowCase end users with easy, single-click access to ShowCase objects.

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  • Executive dashboards for ibm i data access

    Provide a visual display of the information needed for effective business decisions.

  • Quickly analyze database information with a single summarized view—no predefined definition required.

  • Easily access remote databases with ShowCase

    Access data from remote databases, including DB2, ORACLE, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and others.

  • As/400 data reporting is simple with ShowCase

    Generate or create reports easily. Design reports to your specifications with drag and drop fields and calculations. 

  • Explore and summarize large quantities of data quickly with ViewPoint Client Tables.

  • Complete projects in less time with process automation and scheduling with warehouse builder.

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