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Strategy TCP/IP support failed to start: MCH74A5 CEE9901.

Strategy TCP/IP support failed to start: MCH74A5 CEE9901.


Cannot start Warehouse Manager Server Strategy TCP/IP support failed to start JVAB55C Unable to create Java Virtual Machine (JVM) because of reason 4. The reason codes are defined as follows: 4 - Thread is attached to another JVM Application error. MCH74A5 unmonitored by QJVAJNI at statement 0000002946, instruction X'0000'. Application error. CEE9901 unmonitored by TCPMAST at statement 0000000002, instruction X'0000'. Cause . . . . . : The application ended abnormally because an exception occurred and was not handled. The name of the program to which the unhandled exception is sent is TCPMAST SCSERVER CallStaticVoidMethod__7JNIEnv_FiT1e. The program was stopped at the high-level language statement number(s) 0000000002


Check the Max Storage information (MAXSTG) for QUSER user profile.

DSPUSRPRF QUSER  and  PG DWN once to check that Maximum Storage Allowed is set to *NOMAX.

to change:
2. Type 2 to change
3. F10 and PG DWN to 'Maximum Allowed Storage' and change to *NOMAX

Software Version Not Applicable
Operating System(s) IBMi
Reference # 1480737