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ShowCase Product List

Help/Systems is proud to introduce the ShowCase product line of solutions for IBM i Systems. The ShowCase product line provides customers with a proven and efficient way to convey and manage your organization’s vital information.

The ShowCase solution consists of four products designed to help you access data, create reports, and automate and streamline the process of creating and maintaining relational and multidimensional databases.

Please read the press release for more information.

ShowCase support and technical documentation that was previously accessed through the IBM Support Portal can now be found on the ShowCase Help/FACTS page.


ShowCase Query & Report Writer

Help/Systems ShowCase Query allows users to design and run queries with minimal involvement from IT. All reports, queries, and related information are accessible in a single, central and secure repository. ShowCase Query results can be integrated directly into spreadsheets and easily shared through email or a web browser.

Help/Systems ShowCase Report Writer provides users with the power to create presentation-quality reports from results obtained within ShowCase Query. ShowCase Report Writer makes it easier to communicate and understand detailed information and data.


ShowCase Warehouse Manager

Help/Systems ShowCase Warehouse Manager helps protect both information integrity and system resources. Warehouse Manager includes capabilities that help you set up, protect, and monitor information and system resources, as well as create and manage job priorities.


ShowCase Warehouse Builder

Help/Systems ShowCase Warehouse Builder simplifies data transformation, loading and replication, as well as building your data mart or data warehouse. Warehouse Builder allows users to complete projects in less time with process automation and scheduling.