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SEQUEL offers real-time business intelligence and lets you decide how to access and analyze your data and distribute it exactly how your users need it. You can even use dynamic drill-down to investigate on the fly.

Users can pivot and drill data via client tables—even work disconnected from the i. Use executive dashboards to summarize important business metrics on your PC, laptop, or mobile device. Display graphs, gauges, even webpages—whatever helps you best use your data.

    • Supported Platforms
    • Windows, IBM i: System i, iSeries, AS/400

Dashboards Deliver Data Visually

Managers, executives, and other end users rely on SEQUEL to deliver the top metrics they need to monitor business activities effectively. SEQUEL dashboards provide a visual display of the information needed for effective business decisions. Everyone—from executive to technical end users—can use dashboards to work with important business data.

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SEQUEL Makes Data Access Easy

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