Efficiently build, manage, and deploy a high-integrity IBM i data warehouse environment with sophisticated ETL and Change Data Capture.


SEQUEL Data Warehouse

Powered by RODIN

SEQUEL Data Warehouse (powered by RODIN)

SEQUEL Data Warehouse (powered by RODIN) is the industry-leading tool for building and managing Data Warehouses and Data Marts on the IBM i platform.

In fact, it is the only full-function native solution available for the platform. SEQUEL Data Warehouse makes it easy to deploy and manage a data warehouse environment, providing all the tools you need to develop sophisticated ETL and change data capture, with complex business rules, data quality management, event notifications and error monitoring, metadata, and more. It provides everything you need for successful data warehousing and business intelligence.

SEQUEL Data Warehouse enhances and extends numerous front-end data access tools with a well-designed, fully-integrated data warehouse. Including an extensive management layer that monitors and controls the development and execution of ETL processes, SEQUEL Data Warehouse ensures a very high degree of data integrity in a rapid development environment.

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Native IBM i-RunTime Environment

If you rely on IBM i for your operational systems, you already know its great strengths.

The IBM i platform running on Power Systems is simply the best place to keep and manage your important data. It doesn't crash, it's always available, and it doesn't need an army of DBAs to constantly nurture it like some other platforms. Not to mention it has the lowest total cost of ownership of any comparable system.

SEQUEL Data Warehouse was developed from the ground up to build and manage data warehouse and data mart environments on IBM Power Systems and iSeries systems. No special hosted environment is required. SEQUEL Data Warehouse is seamlessly integrated with the IBM i operating system for secure, efficient, and simple implementation. 

Product Features

  • SEQUEL Data Warehouse functional overview

    SEQUEL Data Warehouse functionality can be described or broken down into two main functional areas. 

  • as/400 business intelligence

    Build your database to any design: whether relational or star-schema, normalized or de-normalized.

  • ibm i data capture tools

    Easily Capture inserts, updates, and deletes from any DB2 for i table.

  • ETL extract SEQUEL Data Warehouse

    Access required data from its source, no matter what type of data is needed.  

  • Transform SEQUEL Data Warehouse (RODIN)

    The second step of ETL: manipulate the incoming data and change it to the required output form.

  • iseries etl solutions

    Determine whether there is an existing row in a table that needs to be updated, or if new data needs to be inserted. 

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