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SEQUEL is the leading data access solution for Power Systems running on IBM i. This business intelligence tool empowers you—whether you’re a technical or end user—with the flexibility to access, analyze, and distribute data exactly the way you need it.

With SEQUEL, it’s easy for any user to run queries/views, build executive dashboards, pivot and drill-down into data via client tables, and design sophisticated reports. You can even use SEQUEL to access data from remote databases (DB2, SQL, etc.) and harness Microsoft Excel and Access as data sources. Plus, you can now access your data directly in Excel with the new Excel Plug-In.

Now that’s true data empowerment.

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Create Queries and Views ›

Every single day, you need to create and run queries to get access to critical business data that you, your users, and your C-suite executives need. With outdated data access tools, creating these queries quickly becomes the chore that you dread.

Create Queries and ViewsSEQUEL brightens your dreary query attitude. A SEQUEL query is called a view, and this view contains all of the selection criteria you need to access data from your System i. Gather data, perform operations, and drill down for further insight directly in your views. You can also output data and build additional SEQUEL objects to further enhance the information. Plus, you won’t lose any of your previous work. SEQUEL makes it easy for you to convert your existing AS/400 queries to SEQUEL views and take advantage of SQE, a faster query engine.

What’s more, SEQUEL’s intuitive interfaces have something for everyone. Technical users can create queries using the SQL tab. Business users can create views using point-and-click file and fields tabs—or even access their views directly in Microsoft Excel with the new Excel Plug-In. And non-technical users can access predefined views and easily create and share reports.

Now that you have simplified data access, creating views can be an enjoyable part of your workday.



Build Executive Dashboards ›

Build Executive Dashboards

We get it: your data access tool needs to offer you more than just data access. The whole reason that your business users and C-suite executives want data in the first place is to assess and monitor business activities. .

Everyone, from you to your business users to your C-suite executives, can rely on SEQUEL for these top metrics. What’s more, SEQUEL dashboards provide a visual display of the information need to make decisions. Even better, everyone can create their own dashboards to display key performance indicators and work with important business data.

A dashboard can contain any combination of the following objects to help you display, analyze, and manage your data: views, graphs, table results, images, and more!

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Design Reports ›

One of your C-suite executives has asked for a report ASAP for an imminent meeting. Suddenly, you’re faced with the challenge of quickly pulling together an appropriate report for that executive. With older reporting tools, this would mean an all-nighter.

Design sophisticated reports

With SEQUEL, you can design sophisticated reports quickly and easily. Choose from SEQUEL’s default report formats, or create one using the SEQUEL Report Writer Design Wizard. For extra effect, use the SEQUEL Client Report Option (CRO) to design beautiful, modern reports with specified fonts, colors, graphics, highlighting and more.

SEQUEL makes designing reports a smooth and speedy task. The next time you receive a last-minute request for a report, you’ll be able to pull it together in a flash—and without losing sleep.

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Drill Down into Data ›

Application Drill-Down

Now that you have accessed your data, you probably want to go deeper into its details. For instance, you might be looking at your company summary and wishing that you could dig into certain aspects.

Luckily, SEQUEL offers two drill-down options to allow you to dig into the details of your data in the way that works best for you. Dynamic drill-down offers you the flexibility to choose your own path. You won’t need predefined drill paths or definitions. Application drill-down offers you control over the pre-determined paths that users can choose to drill into data, and it makes it easy for users to simply click the path they want to follow.

Return to your company summary. Then use dynamic drill-down if you want to choose your path to: drill-down into a sales region, then into detailed sales information by customer rep, and finally into a specific date range. Or use application drill-down and pick the pre-defined path that will take you to the level of detail you want.

Whether you choose dynamic or application drill-down, SEQUEL drill-down helps you get the exact data you need.

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Create and Manipulate Pivot and Client Tables ›

You might be looking at your data from the past six months and realizing that you want to make connections across that time frame. In the past, you’ve tried to create tables in Microsoft Excel to help you understand your data, but working with tables in Excel is tedious and often includes many limits. Data analysis shouldn’t be so difficult.

pivot tables

With SEQUEL, you have two tabling options to better analyze your data. Pivot tables (SEQUEL Host Tables) can be generated in any SEQUEL view and offer great functionality for manipulating data to show the full picture. Client tables (SEQUEL Client Tables) are designed for dynamic pivoting for drill-down, reporting, and analysis. Both tabling options are customizable, user friendly, and easy to share.

With SEQUEL tables, you can look at six months of data, make connections, and spot trends with ease. As a result, you’ll be able to make informed business decisions quickly. Now that’s simple data analysis.

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    • Supported Platforms
    • IBM i: System i, iSeries, AS/400

Dashboards Deliver Data Visually

With customizable executive dashboards, SEQUEL makes it easy—and intuitive—to display, analyze and manage your data exactly the way you need it, when you need it.

Use executive dashboards to assess top metrics and monitor business activities. Start delivering data with dashboards ›

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