Automated IBM i Job Scheduling Software

Robot SCHEDULE is powerful, reliable job scheduling software for Power Systems™ running IBM i. Batch job creation and scheduling is at the heart of Robot SCHEDULE. Whether you want to create a time-based schedule, an event-driven schedule, or a combination of the two, Robot SCHEDULE offers everything you need. By automating job scheduling and batch job management, Robot SCHEDULE frees you and your operators to make everyone more productive.

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    • Supported Platforms
    • IBM i: System i, iSeries, AS/400

Monitor File Events in the IFS

Robot SCHEDULE Version 12 Now Shipping

The newest version introduces new file event monitors, a refreshed GUI with updated icons and fonts that respond to your Windows OS settings, reporting capabilities for event monitor parameters and history, and unused job reporting to identify jobs that are candidates for removal.

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Efficient, Effective Job Scheduling Tools

  • Control your entire job schedule with powerful, graphical tools like the Robot SCHEDULE Explorer, Schedule Activity Monitor, and Job Schedule Blueprints.

  • Whether you measure them by time or money wasted, unhappy auditors, or missed service levels, mistakes are costly. Robot SCHEDULE helps you fight back.

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