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iSeries Report Management Software

Robot/REPORTS automates report bursting and distribution, organizes your spooled files, and presents reports on a secure browser interface or via email.

Never lose another report. Robot/REPORTS organizes your iSeries spooled files and presents them in an easy-to-use, secure browser interface or via email. With Robot/REPORTS, you can also automate report bursting and distribution, archive reports on and off the system, safeguard confidential data, download report data to spreadsheets, and convert spooled files to HTML, PDF, CSV, and other formats.

    • Supported Platforms
    • IBM i: System i, iSeries, AS/400

Sure, you may be able to understand reports in a green screen, but does the information make any sense to your recipients?

Make the case for fast, easy, secure online report viewing and management with the wide variety of online interfaces available in Robot/REPORTS.

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Manage Your iSeries Report Output

  • Robot/REPORTS works with Robot/ALERT to email reports to selected users in a variety of common file formats (PDF, HTML, CSV, and TXT) automatically.

  • Robot/SCHEDULE uses the sophisticated report distribution functions in Robot/REPORTS to distribute spooled files based on job name, spooled file name, outqueue, user data, and other selection criteria.

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