In the retail industry, understanding your customer and optimizing service are key. The more information you have about your customers, the better. RJS Software provides faster, easier access to data, reduces the cost of document management, and allows for easier signature capture. Not only that, but DeliverNow can automate report distribution across your organization, saving you countless hours of manual report generation.

Capture That “John Hancock” Without the Hassle

Are you still printing multiple receipts and having customers sign on the dotted line? WebForms offers interactive signature capture, allowing you to apply instant changes and signatures to business forms of any kind. SignHere also allows you to electronically capture digital signatures and apply them to documents of your choosing. Eliminate the need for paper-based receipts and simplify accounting in the process.

Manage Documents Effectively and Efficiently

Whether you are a one-shop operation or have several hundred stores under your watch, it is integral to keep your business processes swift, streamlined, and secure. WebDocs helps you digitally manage sensitive HR, financial, and other documents, and automate workflows and invoice processing.

Automate Report Distribution

Does your printer get bogged down for hours on end when generating numerous sales reports for upcoming meetings? Reduce and automate paper-intensive reporting and data-delivery with DeliverNow. DeliverNow automates document distribution across your organization, automatically monitoring, converting, and delivering critical reports from key business systems on any platform.  

Last Updated: Dec 4, 2015

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