Hospitality and Gaming

For service-driven businesses—particularly hotels, resorts, and casinos—the challenge is always to stay ahead of the curve with systems and software that enable you to do more with less. RJS Software provides a winning combination of affordable document management and business process automation products that save you time and money, giving your business a competitive edge.

Improve Service Without Wasting Time or Money

You want to provide the best customer care possible, so you need the “bang for your buck” that won’t blow your budget, while still differentiating you from your competitors. Luckily, WebDocs provides quick and easy access to all your documents and allows you to manage, store, and distribute invoices, receipts, and notations with the click of a button. Streamlining this process instantly improves the quality of service you can offer your guests.

Utilize Systems That Talk to Each Other in Real Time

Most hospitality-based organizations employ multiple platforms, but struggle to find a solution that allows IBM i and Windows programs to talk to each other in real time. RJS offers Web Services and Integration APIs that allow you to transfer and share data into your business application.

Easily Acquire Signatures

In the hospitality industry, signatures are constantly required. RJS provides affordable signature capture solutions that can be adapted to suit your every need. WebForms comes with built-in interactive signature capture, allowing you to apply instant changes and signatures to business forms of any kind. You can also use SignHere to electronically capture and apply signatures to registration cards, check-in documents, bills, receipts, and everything in between; plus, SignHere can be used to promote room upgrades or market other events and services.  

Last Updated: Dec 4, 2015

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