From registration and insurance forms to detailed medical records, healthcare providers need to manage sensitive information and documents safely, accurately, and efficiently. The RJS healthcare solution automates forms, routes documents and maximizes patient record security with ease, assuring that critical information never gets lost, overwritten, or stolen.

Simplify Signature Capture

Most healthcare providers and insurance agencies capture hundreds of signatures daily. Remove the hassle of collecting numerous ink impressions by using SignHere to electronically capture and apply signatures to HIPAA forms, EOB documents, medical releases, and co-pays with the touch of a button. WebForms also offers interactive signature capture, allowing you to apply signatures and make instant changes or updates to patient forms.  

Streamline Your Forms and Document Management

If your document management software doesn’t work for you, come to the experts who can tailor a solution to suit your needs. WebDocs flawlessly integrates with other healthcare software and manages, stores, and distributes critical data securely. Rid yourself of filing cabinets and stacks of paper with iForms and WebForms. Patients and staff members alike will appreciate a solution that allows you to capture and route integral information without a single sheet of printed paper.

Protect Vital Patient Records

Securing a patient’s health or insurance records is serious business. Don’t mess around with a network security product that can’t deliver. With WebDocs, you can rest assured that no one can access, edit, or overwrite important data without proper authorization. Set iron-clad security controls that grant access to only those individuals who need the information.

Last Updated: Dec 4, 2015

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