In government, the challenge is to streamline workflows while balancing the budget and keeping information secure. Luckily, RJS Software provides document management solutions that help you work more efficiently while reducing printing and storage costs by going paperless. Manage and route documents to different departments with WebDocs, and keep them protected with its comprehensive security controls.

Save Green by Going Green

RJS designs software with green principles in mind, benefiting the environment and eliminating unnecessary paper trails. By implementing iForms or WebForms, you can digitize any and all paper-based forms and end the daily paper shuffle. Going paperless is not only eco-friendly, but financially smart: it saves you money on printing and storage costs, not to mention time that was previously spent searching for information in cumbersome filing cabinets.

Secure Critical Data

Sacrificing vital information to a hacker or cyber-terrorist would be catastrophic for any government agency. By storing and managing your documents with WebDocs, you can protect your documents with version tracking and advanced security controls, preventing viruses and accidental data loss.

Simplify Research and Reference

When you’re on a budget and need to spend smartly, it’s important to choose a document management solution that truly delivers. WebDocs streamlines your daily workflows by automating integral business processes. Managing, data storage, routing, and cost savings all come at the click of a button. If you use research and reference tools, do so with a solution that offers secure, online access. WebDocs keeps all your significant documents safe and allows you to search quickly and efficiently. 

Last Updated: Jun 3, 2015

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