Schools and universities are constantly overwhelmed with paperwork and the pressure to do more with less. RJS understands this difficult practice and has solutions that can help control administrative costs, eliminate filing cabinets, and keep student records secure.

Our software is specifically tailored to reduce the cost of document management, digitize multiple forms or documents, and provide faster, easier access to important information. From processing and managing admissions forms, transcripts and financial records at the university level, to K-12 records and documents, our software can help schools and colleges manage and route information safely, accurately, and efficiently.

Save the Paper for Taking Notes

Do you print numerous client or student records only to store them in cumbersome filing cabinets and then struggle to locate them? Think of WebDocs as your virtual filing cabinet: it allows you to easily index invoices, digitize reports, and manage records. When it comes time to find important information, the ability to assign up to ten search keys to each document ensures you’ll never waste time searching for information again.

Keep Your Student Records Safe and Secure

Now, more than ever, network and student security is a large concern for many educational institutions. Aside from the cumbersome task of filing and searching for information, keeping files secure can be an equally overwhelming process. WebDocs keeps confidential documents easily accessible while completely private. Information can never be overwritten, lost, or accessed by a user without proper authorization.

Go Green

Whether electronically storing documents with WebDocs or capturing data via iForms or WebForms, RJS helps you save time and money while protecting the environment. Our solutions are designed to provide the ROI and affordability that make going green a simple and cost-effective approach.

Last Updated: Jun 3, 2015

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