Accounts Payable

In the world of Accounts Payable, thousands of documents are routed, distributed, signed, and stored each second. Fluid communication between departments is essential, and you need a solution that simplifies invoice processing and approval routing. WebDocs makes paying invoices easy and error-free, plugging directly into your Enterprise Resource Planning or financial system to cut down on duplicate data entry and give you a single screen for matching, GL coding, and approval. 

With RJS software solutions, you can navigate complex workflows, keep sensitive documents secure, and automate routing between departments—all without breaking the bank.

Use One Screen to Connect all the Dots

Accounts payable software should make your life easier, not harder. WebDocs allows you to review invoices, match POs, and check for variances and GL code from one interface instead of multiple screens.

Streamline PO and Non-PO Processes

Processing an invoice that doesn’t have a purchase order? WebDocs can take care of that with electronic purchase request forms that are built into the approval process. No more chasing down managers for approvals that took place verbally or via email. Streamline invoice processing by capturing invoices electronically and routing them through every step of your accounts payable workflow.

Easily Capture Electronic Signatures

Capturing signatures digitally is a breeze with SignHere, a simple solution that allows you to securely and legally apply signatures to business documents. WebForms also comes with built-in interactive signature capture, allowing you to apply instant changes and signatures to forms of any kind. 

Last Updated: Dec 4, 2015

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