New iForms Release: Upgraded Text Designer and Tighter iSeries Integration Streamlines Form Creation

This week RJS released a new version of iForms, our premier electronic form and report solution, that includes a major rewrite of the product’s text designer.

The iForms Text Designer (v.2.0.0) is actually a brand new application that replaces the version that had been with iForms since the solution’s inception. The original version of the text designer required users to hop from a Windows screen to the iSeries to run commands, grab spool files and convert them to text before creating a form or report. The new version eliminates screen jumping and simplifies document creation through tighter integration with the iSeries.

While there are also many cosmetic improvements, the most important enhancement is in the user experience. Put simply, iForms is much more streamlined and requires fewer clicks to build forms using text or spool file data.

Curious about the differences between the old version and new? Check out the screenshots below for the new look. Also, if you’re wondering whether you should upgrade or want to learn more, contact us for more information.

The old version:                                                   The new version:

new and modern electronic forms release

Last Updated: Mar 15, 2016