Going Paperless at the Office: How to Make it Happen in 2014

With 2014 looming large on the horizon, it’s smart to begin looking for ways that your office can save money and even how to bring it up to date in the digital department. Many places now are leaning towards cutting out as much waste as possible, and with that comes cutting down on the use of paper.

Here are some simple things you and your co-workers can do to cut paper use — and cost — in the office:

  • Upload documents onto a cloud site for security and accessibility. RJS offers tiered services for your needs and you can access what you need even if you’re not at the office.
  • Remove paper clutter by using a scanner to capture important documents, paper forms, receipts, etc. We offer several solutions for converting paper documents to digital, including WebDocs and WebForms.
  • Utilize “Do Not Mail” listings and make sure your office address is on these lists.
  • Replace paper towels in your office with cloth towels.
  • Send and request that all invoices be sent electronically.
  • If you haven’t already done so, sign up for electronic payroll for your employees.
  • Replace post-it notes with white boards.
  • Take notes via smartphone/tablet apps.
  • Shred old documents that contain any pertinent information and recycle the paper.
  • Sign documents using e-signatures with a program like SignHere. Along with it being just as legal as a regular signature, it’s much more convenient and efficient than printing a document, signing it, re-scanning it, then emailing it.
  • Download instead of printing PDF manuals for purchased products.
  • Enter any information from a business contact into your online database (CRM) instead of using a clunky rolodex. This will also allow for easier access if you are looking for someone.
  • Rethink mailing campaigns and use email newsletters to get information out to clients and employees.
  • Share documents and publications with vendors and clients through your websites, email, and cloud service.
  • Minimize printing unwanted pages by checking printer settings before clicking “print.”
  • Re-use once-used paper as scratch paper. Have a small box on the counter for people to place reusable pages.
  • Make going paperless a team effort by communicating to everyone involved. Get them thinking in the mentality of “think before you print.” Have employees report feedback.

With so many services available online, getting rid of the big filing cabinet with years worth of backlogged paper is now easier than ever. What are some other ways you can wean off being paper-dependent?

Contact RJS today to discuss how we can help your office go paperless in 2014.

Last Updated: Mar 15, 2016