Create Professional Forms and Reports from Any Source

iForms allows you to create professional business forms and reports

iForms is both a document creation system and document assembly tool that takes data from sources such as databases, spool files, text files, or XML data, and turns that data into professional-looking forms or reports.

With iForms, you can create professional invoices, purchase orders, billing statements, and advanced reports without relying on expensive, pre-printed forms or custom reporting tools.

You can output forms and reports into the formats you need, including PDF, HTML, CSV, Excel, and more. And because those files are electronic, you can distribute or route them for approval with DeliverNow and store them digitally using WebDocs. 

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    • Supported Platforms
    • Windows, IBM i: System i, iSeries, AS/400

    • Integrations
    • WebDocs  |  DeliverNow

Merge files from different sources and print, store, or deliver them

Automate Packet and Document Assembly

Automate packet and document assembly with iForms. The software allows you to combine and merge electronic files from different sources into single documents, and output these forms by printing, storing, archiving, or distributing them.

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