RPG2SQL Integrator

Integrate applications running on disparate platforms

RPG2SQL Integrator closes the gap between applications running on different platforms by allowing all your databases and spreadsheets to talk to each other in real time. Forget about complicated file transfers, database replications, and manual re-keying. The data integration software allows your IBM i/iSeries programs to read, write to, and update databases such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL and MS Excel spreadsheets.

And because data transfers take place instantly and without manual intervention, all your stakeholders get the information they need, when they need it. The result is greater productivity, better decision making and a bigger bottom line—all made possible by data integration.

Key Benefits:

  • Remove barriers: breaks down the walls between your IBM i/iSeries and PC by sharing, transferring, and converting data across platforms
  • Work smarter: save time and money by eliminating complicated file transfers, database replications, and manual rekeying
  • Seamless integration: interactively share data between IBM i/iSeries and PC environments. Use RPG and COBOL programs to read, write, insert, update, or delete records in real time from PC databases that use ADO or ODBC data sources, including SQL, Oracle, Access, Excel, dBase, FoxPro, MySQL, and CSV
  • Real-time updates: data transfers occur in real time, meaning business systems are updated instantly and customers, partners, and other users get the information they need without having to wait for overnight updates, files transfers, or duplicative data entry

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Eliminates the need for complex file transfers, database replications, or manual re-keying
Last Updated: May 24, 2016