Automate Data Capture

Data that is collected in the form can be sent to your ERP, business system, or data warehouse

With WebForms, your new digital document can be turned into a self-contained data capture business process. Forms can be pre-populated from any database such as IBM i, SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, and more. Information is automatically captured without rekeying, while still ensuring the data is valid.

How to:

After you’ve created your form, you can collect and save the data into any database, ERP, or document management system like WebDocs. Browser-based access to your newly designed form allows your business to quickly deploy your new forms-based process as soon as it’s ready to go. It also allows customers or internal users to easily access and complete forms, which can be enabled for PCs, tablet PCs, iPads, and any other mobile device, all while ensuring your data is automatically captured and passed along to the proper business processes.


Manage, protect, and route your data with a complete document management system like WebDocs.


With WebForms, data capture is quick, painless, and automatically integrated into ERP, ECM, or other business systems like WebDocs. Data is automatically captured without the need for rekeying.

Reduce redundant data entry.
Last Updated: Oct 30, 2015