Automate Report and Document Distribution

Automate report monitoring with DeliverNow

DeliverNow is a browser-based, cross-platform solution that distributes documents generated from any business system. Automatically monitor, convert, and send reports generated from your ERP or line of business applications. Reports can be generated from applications that live on any platform, including iSeries/IBM i, Windows, Linux, and AIX.

Quickly getting information to the people who need it is critical to the success of an organization. With DeliverNow document distribution software, you can speed up workflow, improve decision making, and increase operation efficiency by automating the delivery of business reports and other documents. 

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    • Supported Platforms
    • Windows, Linux, AIX, IBM i: System i, iSeries, AS/400

    • Integrations
    • WebDocs

Automate Report Monitoring and Delivery

DeliverNow monitors output queues and directories for new reports, alerting you once they've been generated. From there, you can have DeliverNow electronically distribute those reports to any location of your choosing.

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