User-Contributed Probes

Unlimited Network Monitoring

There is no limit to the types of network devices, connections, and conditions that InterMapper can monitor. InterMapper's probes are software plugins that gather data and alert you to potential crashes, locate problem devices, and supply needed diagnostic information.

Our development team continually adds new probes as part of the normal release process. Many InterMapper users also create their own probes to handle unique situations in their own environments.

Fortunately, InterMapper users love to share the probes they create. As soon as we receive a probe, we review it (but do not guarantee its functionality) and make it available to the entire InterMapper Community. Because InterMapper users contribute these probes, they are the customer's responsibility and we do not maintain the probes moving forward. 

If you create a new probe that might be useful, please consider sending it to us at so that we can make it available to other customers.

From the InterMapper User Community

Interactive SNMP Probe Builder
Use our form to build valid InterMapper SNMP probes to meet your needs.

On-Demand Table Builder
Create an on-demand table for an Intermapper custom SNMP probe.

Bulk On-Demand Table Builder
Enter multiple table definitions to create on-demand tables for an InterMapper SNMP probe.

MIB Viewer Probe Builder
Paste a MIB file's text into a text box, then create a probe to view the MIB.

2015 InterMapper Challenge Probes
Browse probes our InterMapper users created to share with the community in our second Ultimate Probes Challenge.

2014 InterMapper Challenge Probes
Check out the 42 new probes submitted during our inaugural Ultimate Probes Challenge!

Application Monitoring Probes
Monitor MS SQL, Oracle, SMTP Queue, WMI Service, and other networked applications.

Environment Monitoring Probes
Monitor temperature, humidity, fuel levels, power supplies, security devices, and other variables that describe your network environment.

Miscellaneous InterMapper Probes
Monitor all sorts of very cool things (that don't fall into any of the other listed categories).

Printer Monitoring Probes
Printer Monitoring Probes monitor input/output trays, toner and ink levels, and other printer alerts.

Server Monitoring Probes
Monitor disk space, memory utilization, hardware health, and a host of other server performance metrics.

Storage Monitoring Probes
Monitor performance variables for specific storage devices.

Telecommunications Monitoring Probes
Monitor signal status, communications, bit error ration, signal-to-noise ratio, AFC level, and other key telecommunication device performance variables.

UPS Monitoring Probes
Monitor a variety of status conditions.

Wireless Monitoring Probes
Monitor a wide range of wireless devices to receive alerts on signal strength, bytes in/out, antenna type, connected SSID, TX/RX rate and much more.

Switch/Firewall/Router Monitoring Probes
Switch/Firewall/Router Monitoring Probes monitor session status, CPU utilization, switch fabric, buffer utilization, resource usage, hardware health, traffic in/out, and more.

Cisco Monitoring Probes
Monitor IP SLA (jitter and packet loss), Cisco stack variables, CPU utilization and power supply, memory, hardware health, etc.

Contributed Sounds - Alerts
Contributed sounds for alerts and much more.