InterMapper is a network monitoring and network mapping tool that provides administrators with real-time visibility of and alerts about the traffic and health of their network.



Simplify Your Daily Monitoring with a User-Friendly Network Mapping Tool

InterMapper is an industrial-strength network monitoring, mapping, and alerting tool that helps network administrators manage and maintain healthy IT environments. The network monitoring capabilities InterMapper provides give you a real-time view of your network, which allows you to manage hardware, software, and bandwidth requirements in order to maximize uptime with minimal resources. Not only is InterMapper a world-class network mapping and monitoring tool, but it also offers cross-platform functionality on Windows, Mac, and Linux to give you the flexibility you need in today's diverse business environments. Map and monitor across your network like never before with InterMapper—the premier network mapping software.

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Network Monitoring ›

Take the proactive approach to network monitoring with InterMapper. Our solution maximizes uptime and prevents costly network interruptions by delivering real-time statistics on the health of your infrastructure and alerting you to potential issues before they cause major problems.

Network Monitoring

Once a device or interface’s threshold has exceeded a set limit or a potential issue is detected, InterMapper alerts you in whatever way you choose. You can decide to receive calls, emails, or pages from the software once a problem has been identified, and create specific responses to escalate tasks as needed. Respond to potential threats or issues on-the-go as they arise, whether from your mobile phone at a remote location or on premise. Your team no longer has to spend hours staring at a screen looking for problems: InterMapper will alert you to potential issues before they cause major errors or outages.



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Network Mapping ›

What if a software tool could map out your entire network in mere minutes, eliminating the need to enter redundant device information or wait for hours to get a clear picture of your infrastructure? InterMapper’s robust network mapping capabilities can do just that, auto-discovering every IP-enabled device in your network to create a living, breathing diagram of your entire network before your very eyes.

Network Mapping

InterMapper’s maps provide total visibility into the status of your devices and their interconnections through intuitive animation that depicts real-time network traffic. You can arrange your maps in physical, logical, or geographic layouts, customizing your background image to suit your needs and even integrating with Google Earth if desired. Layer 2 visibility offers even greater insight into your network health, ensuring your maps provide granular detail about interconnections in your network. Color-coded icons and haloes on links indicate the severity level of a device or interface’s condition. If you acknowledge a problematic device, the icon changes colors and stops further notification.

Once you have a map set up, you can use it for day-to-day management, always armed with an accurate, up-to-the-minute picture of the most recent state of your network. This helps with troubleshooting, capacity planning, and general network management. InterMapper also continually checks for new interfaces to add to your map, eliminating the need to manually enter additional information. Maximize uptime and ensure business runs smoothly with an in-depth, real-time picture of your network.

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Network Management ›

If you’re looking for a tool that helps you achieve optimal network performance and prepare for the future, you’ve found it. InterMapper’s powerful set of diagramming, monitoring, and alerting features proactively manage the health of your network, ensuring it runs smoothly without costly, unexpected downtime.

Network Management

InterMapper monitors each device and interface in your network and alerts you when thresholds are about to be exceeded, letting you take action before a network component goes down. You can also acknowledge a condition on a device or interface, which lets your team know a device is being worked on; this eliminates hours lost to duplicate work and ensures everyone is up-to-date on the status of the network.

InterMapper’s robust data collection and storage capabilities let you review trends and identify patterns to avoid outages and errors—meaning you spend less time putting out fires and more time strategically managing your infrastructure. Comprehensive strip charts display historical device data that helps you spot trends and plan for future capacity needs. The collected data identifies concerns such as constant high bandwidth utilization, slow network speed, constant IP changes by DHCP, and more. You can chart any value that InterMapper displays with the click of a mouse, resting assured you have the knowledge you need to maintain a healthy network.

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Powerful Network Monitoring, Mapping, and Alerting Tool

InterMapper offers a real-time view of your network, making it easy to monitor the network for potential issues. Its flexible alerts inform stakeholders of network issues as they occur, allowing staff to address the situation before users are impacted.

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