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A Tool to Document Policies and Controls for Regulatory Mandates

Oversight from regulatory bodies regarding the use of electronic information has been steadily increasing across the globe. Organizations not only have to fend off insider threats, keep tabs on widening range of endpoints, and detect anomalies, but they must stay compliant with various guidelines. InterMapper can help your company stay compliant with guidelines such as:

  • Payment Card Industry: by monitoring your network, security devices, and all wireless LAN activity
  • Sarbanes-Oxley Act: through monitoring web application servers and applications that pass sensitive data, server events, processes, and all network activity
  • Federal Information Security Management Act: by taking an inventory of your information systems and helping to detect malicious traffic

Many corporations believe they are not required to comply, and end up unprepared when they are audited. Even if you are not required, adhering to compliance guidelines is still a best practice. InterMapper enables the IT professional, compliance officer, internal auditor, or business manager to quickly, completely and accurately document the design, assets, and metrics related to their network infrastructure. 

InterMapper features that support compliance include:

  • Network assets: knowing what equipment you have and where it is connected on your network is essential to most regulatory environments
  • Critical and continuous monitoring: on-going confirmation of the status of the important equipment on your network is a component of many compliance initiatives
  • Topology: a real-time map of your network provides a valuable picture of your IT infrastructure
  • Security control: with the expanded use of VLANs, it is necessary to be able to easily detect that all the right ports are associated with the secure versus open VLANs
  • Risk assessment: understanding the potential impact of a severe outage should lead to steps to mitigate risks
  • Organize to risk level: as the IT administrator, you will want to deploy monitoring resources and attention to areas that are critical to network safety and stability

Regulations regarding the documentation of system design and processes are being implemented in order to control information risk and maximize data security. InterMapper network monitoring software provides the tools that support your efforts to respond to these compliance initiatives with ease.

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Last Updated: Nov 30, 2015

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