Comprehensive Network Device Monitoring

comprehensive network device monitoring

InterMapper can monitor any device with an IP address for diagnostic updates.


functional network monitoring for large education networks

Educational institutions of all sizes depend on InterMapper to manage bandwidth utilization and keep their networks secure.


industrial strength network monitoring for the enterprise

Large enterprises use InterMapper's 64-bit support and industrial-strength monitoring capabilities to watch over their critical IT infrastructure.


Network monitoring for financial organizations

InterMapper's highly efficient polling engine enables our customers to monitor high-stake environments in real-time. 

Government and Defense Industries

network monitoring for government and public sector organizations

InterMapper helps government agencies and contractors stay one step ahead of security breaches and network outages.


network monitoring for efficient healthcare networks

Healthcare companies count on InterMapper to protect sensitive medical information and keep the patient care process running smoothly. 

High Tech Companies

InterMapper offers reliable network monitoring to high tech companies

Technology companies rely on InterMapper to keep their advanced networks functioning optimally.   

IT Compliance

InterMapper supports compliance

InterMapper is a valuable tool for documenting policies and keeping businesses compliant with ease.


Network monitoring for manufacturing companies

Avoid Production Slowdowns with Network Monitoring In manufacturing, time equals money.

Media Companies

network monitoring software for media companies

Many entertainment and media companies have adopted InterMapper as a key component of their network operations.

Network Troubleshooting and Performance Monitoring

network server monitoring helps troubleshooting

InterMapper's network monitoring and management features help to maintain a healthy network.

Small-to-Medium-Sized Businesses

affordable network monitoring software for small to medium sized businesses

Small-to-medium-sized businesses benefit from InterMapper's easy deployment and minimal on-going management.


real-time diagnostic data for telecommunications industry

Telecommunication companies depend on InterMapper to keep their networks healthy so their customer's don't experience service disruptions.