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What can InterMapper do for me?

InterMapper is an industrial strength network monitoring, mapping, and alerting tool that empowers network administrators to maintain healthy IT environments.

InterMapper network monitoring software provides an at-a-glance, real-time view of your network devices, interfaces, services, applications, connections, and traffic patterns. With InterMapper, you’ll have the network mapping tools that you need to locate and solve performance problems before they affect your customers.

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Why should I choose InterMapper?

splunk-integrationSplunk Integration
Gain actionable knowledge within Splunk and achieve a
more comprehensive view of your network

easy-installationEasy Installation
Map your network in less than an hour with

live-network-mappingLive Network Mapping
View hierarchical and geographic maps and visual
traffic flows

comprehensive-network-monitoringComprehensive Network Monitoring
Monitor Layer 2 devices, NetFlow traffic, and more—on
the network or via remote management

alerting-and-diagnosticsAlerting and Diagnostics
Receive custom alarms and utilize trend analysis and
capacity planning

high-performanceHigh Performance
Observe a real-time, highly granular view of your
network that scales to monitor thousands of devices

Run InterMapper on Windows, Linux, or Mac OS X


Over 25,000 professionals trust InterMapper for network management


CalSTRS, InterMapper customer

Pixar, InterMapper customer

Xerox, InterMapper customer

"It's the only network monitoring tool we use. We slice and dice the network in many ways using over 100 maps that monitor thousands of devices and Ethernet switches."
The University of British Columbia, InterMapper customer

—Dennis O'Reilly, Senior Network Analyst, University of BC



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InterMapper technology partners
InterMapper technology partners

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