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Application Monitoring Software

Monitor and control the performance of mission-critical software tools.

Improve user experience by monitoring QoS and proactively responding to application failure or slowdown.


Every device with an IP address is automatically discovered and listed in InterMapper.

Create customized maps of your network without spending man hours manually entering devices and connections.

Condition Acknowledgements

Acknowledge the condition of an alert to keep technicians apprised of its status.

Provide technicians with updates on alerts as they are addressed.

Cross-Platform Monitoring

InterMapper is the only Network Monitoring Software that runs on all major platforms.

Manage your entire network from one interface, even if servers and systems operate on different platforms.

Cross-Platform Support

InterMapper offers the flexibility to monitor your network on multiple platforms.

Manage and monitor devices running on all major platforms, including Windows, Mac OS, Linux and Solaris.

Custom Notifiers

Create custom scripts to designate alert types.

Send alerts through your desired mechanism, including email, text and more.

Customizable, Web-Based Analytics Reporting

Create customized analytics reports to be shared throughout your organization.

Share network data with stakeholders from the convenience of their browser.

Device Status Windows

Device Status Windows display static and dynamic device information.

Quickly view a range of device data, including response time, uptime, availability and more.

Flexible Alerting and Notifications

Customize notifications to alert you of network events as they occur.

Receive customized alerts of events that impact the network, as they happen.

Geographic and Physical Maps

Geographic and physical maps display customized views of your network and devices.

Quickly identify issues with devices virtually on your maps and physically at your network location.

Hierarchical Maps

Drilldown from an overview map of your network to a detailed, localized view.

Hierarchical maps offer varying views of your network, from high level overviews to more detailed localized maps.

High Speed Network Monitoring

Intermapper’s engine independently polls every device at customizable intervals.

Polling data is gathered quickly and efficiently – specify polling intervals to meet your unique needs.

Historical Trend Analysis

InterMapper collects and compares network data to alert you to new problems.

Stay abreast of network issues as they arise, and address them before users are impacted.

Import and Export Network Data

Import and export data via an HTTP API.

Share and review key network information in a range of formats.

InterMapper Database

Store collected data in a PostgreSQL database for future review.

Review historical data about your network from a centralized database.

IPSLA and QoS Monitoring

Measure the QoS for VoIP, videoconferencing and other network services.

Maintain peak performance of network services by staying abreast of latency, jitter or packet loss.

Layer 2/3 Interconnections

The Layer 2 module enables auto-discovery and connection of devices to assigned ports.

The Layer 2 module’s auto-discovery of device links eliminates the challenges of documenting equipment connections.

Monitoring Across Multiple Protocols

InterMapper’s built in probes can monitor any equipment on any protocol.

View the status of a device using any protocol.

Network Capacity Planning

Utilize collected data to review trends and identify issues to maximize capacity planning efforts.

Easily access the data you need to maximize the efficiency and performance of your network.

Pinpoint Network Congestion

Identify areas of network congestion and chart for trending information. 

Avoid slowdowns and bottlenecks by pinpointing network congestion. Chart the congestion data for trending information.

Server Monitoring

InterMapper continually tests servers to ensure proper operation.

Maintain an up-to-date awareness of the status and performance of your server.

Small Install Footprint

InterMapper’s low resource requirements allow it to run on virtually any machine.

No expensive hardware upgrades are necessary to run InterMapper.

Strip Charts

Strip Charts graph network performance for a range of values to allow trend analysis.

Review trend information on network traffic, router and server data, and more.

Visual Traffic Flow

InterMapper’s visual network maps provide real-time views of your network’s health.

Create maps in physical, logical or geographic layouts to give NOC a live view of the network.