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InterMapper Flows

Real-time Flow Monitoring that's Powerful, Flexible and Easy to Use

monitor network traffic flowsInterMapper Flows is our integrated network traffic monitoring software which enhances your ability to analyze the kinds of data flowing across and through your network. Flows is a powerful and affordable network traffic monitor that is capable of sub-millisecond accuracy for network bandwidth monitoring.

No other NetFlow tracker provides such a granular view into your network traffic. Get a complete picture with in-depth information on all conversations passing through your network, in real time.

An active InterMapper license is required to access InterMapper Flows.

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    • Supported Platforms
    • Windows, UNIX, Linux, Apple (Mac OSX)

Key Features

  • monitor network activity with InterMapper Flows

    InterMapper Flows offers a detailed look at a wide range of traffic data and stores statistics for historical review.

  • View detailed network traffic information in seconds with integrated NetFlow analysis.

  • Use NetFlow tracker for real-time statistics of network traffic and bandwidth utilization.

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