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InterMapper is an industrial strength network monitoring, mapping, and alerting software that helps network administrators manage and maintain healthy IT environments. The network monitoring capabilities of InterMapper give you a real-time view of your network, which allows you to manage hardware, software, and bandwidth requirements to maximize uptime with minimal resources. Not only is InterMapper an industrial strength network monitoring tool, but it has cross-platform functionality on Windows, Mac, Linux, UNIX, and Solaris. Map and monitor across your network like never before with InterMapper—the premier network monitoring tool.

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    • Supported Platforms
    • Windows, UNIX, Linux, Apple (Mac OSX), Solaris SPARC

real-time network monitoring software

Powerful Network Monitoring, Mapping, and Alerting Software

InterMapper offers a real-time view of your network, making it easy to monitor the network for potential issues. It's flexible alerts inform stakeholders of network issues as they occur, allowing staff to address the situation before users are impacted.

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Key Features

  • Manage the details of your network's performance

    Our features help you to understand and manage the health of your network.

  • diverse network mapping tools

    Gain visibility into your network using InterMapper's diverse mapping tools.

  • real-time network monitoring tools

    InterMapper monitors any device with an IP address across your entire network.

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