Total peace of mind that IBM i is running at full potential and maximizing system uptime for your business.


Systems Operations Suite

Level 2 Monitoring Software for IBM i

Halcyon Systems Operations Suite web user interface

In addition to handling IBM i messages, job queues, output queues, and devices for issues or threshold breaches, Systems Operations Suite allows for the proactive monitoring of key business applications, FTP activity, and the security audit journal, as well as automatically managing system events.

Folks in the server room, outsourcers, and end users can now be confident that they’re maximizing system uptime with IBM i running at full potential.

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Performance Monitoring

Use Systems Operations Suite to alert you to any performance issues—including subsystem activity, interactive response times, memory, and CPU—based on system thresholds that you can set and change as needed.

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Be in Control of Your IBM i Environment

Feature Benefit
Audit Journal Monitoring Monitor information logged into the Security Audit Journal and execute commands when events that require administrator action are found.
Device Monitoring Monitor the status of devices like cartridge/tape drives, printers, and communications lines and attempt to resolve issues automatically.
Distribution Queue Monitoring Monitor distribution queues to ensure correct status and for distribution backlogs.
FTP Monitoring Monitor for FTP activity and receive alerts accordingly.
Inactivity Monitoring Monitor batch or interactive jobs for defined periods of inactivity and take action.
Job Log Monitoring Create rules to select jobs and alert if the job log of matching jobs contains the specified message.
Job Queue Monitoring Verify the status of job queues.
Message Monitoring Monitor all message queues and automatically respond to problems.
Object Monitoring Maintain efficient housekeeping for your IBM i systems.
Output Queue Monitoring Monitor the status of output queues and writers and receive notification if a backlog occurs.
Performance Monitoring Set up performance thresholds and be alerted if those thresholds are breached.
Restricted Tasks Management Reduce the expense of overtime and ensure essential system tasks are performed regularly.
SLA Reporting Store Service Level Agreement (SLA) statistics for reporting purposes.
User Profile Monitoring Monitor particular user profiles for being enabled or disabled, including QSECOFR.

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