Spooled file distribution and archiving with real-time spooled file monitoring and filtering options.


Spooled File Manager

Spooled File Management Software

Spooled File Manager provides the perfect solution to spooled file distribution and archiving. Its real-time spooled file monitoring and filtering options can automatically override spooled file attributes without any need for program changes.

Improve system performance by archiving or deleing old spooled files and reduce paper waste by printing only necessary reports.

    • Supported Platforms
    • IBM i: System i, iSeries, AS/400

    • Requirements
    • OS/400 & i5 OS - V5 R3 M0 and above

spooled file software

Spooled File Management

Never have to re-run a job again just because a user loses their printout! By saving spooled file entries either on near-line or off-line storage, it’s always possible to restore individual spooled file entries for re-printing.

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