Monitor IBM WebSphere MQ for availability and performance to improve business efficiency.


MQ Manager

Monitor Essential WebSphere MQ Processes 24/7

IBM WebSphere MQ guarantees delivery of data as messages, but things can go wrong in the process. You need to detect bottlenecks and identify problems that could prevent data from reaching its destination, including messages getting stuck and excessive queue depths and queue waiting times.

MQ Manager proactively monitors the performance and availability of the IBM WebSphere MQ application server and raises alerts whenever a threshold is breached.

    • Supported Platforms
    • IBM i: System i, iSeries, AS/400

mq queue monitoring

WebSphere MQ Monitoring

MQ Manager is an intelligent solution that delivers fault management processes by proactively monitoring the performance and availability of your IBM WebSphere MQ Series. It checks for impending problems, triggers alarm notifications, and takes appropriate actions to minimize the business risk, continuously and automatically monitoring the seven key components of IBM WebSphere MQ.

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