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    • CCSS

    Trink is committed to upholding the best standards of service to their loyal customer base in the food and retail industries. In order to meet this commitment, Trinks manages their network of centrally controlled IBM System i servers with CCSS solutions.

    • Robot

    When A. Schulman wanted to use variables to schedule events that require a date to be input to run automatically, they simply built a Replay object for those jobs and replaced the date with a variable to run them unattended.

  • AAA Life Leverages Robot SCHEDULE for IT Efficiency
    AAA Life Insurance logo
    • Robot

    As Senior Systems Engineer, Randy Wittner has over 25 years of experience on IBM i, and AAA Life was not the first place he encountered Robot. “I’ve worked at many companies that have had Robot SCHEDULE, so good market share,” said Wittner. “It’s very reliable, easy to upgrade. It automates a lot for us in our process.”

  • Admiral Group Utilizes Systems Operations Suite and More
    Admiral Group, a Halcyon customer
    • Halcyon

    The increasingly complex IT infrastructure at Admiral Group placed additional pressure on the operations team. So, Admiral installed a systems management solution to ease the burden while providing effective monitoring across a multi-platform server environment.

  • Provide virus protection for IBM i with StandGuard Anti-Virus
    Alon USA logo
    • PowerTech

    Like many IBM shops, Alon USA found comfort in the seeming immunity of IBM i to viruses. All PCs in the company were running anti-virus software but, having operated for more than a decade without incident, Alon USA’s IT director saw no need for protective measures on IBM i. Sound familiar?

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