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  • The power of the McAfee scan engine with features designed specifically for IBM i, AIX, Linux, and Domino.

  • Take control of downtime and increase productivity by automating monitoring and notification on your IBM i system.

  • Simplify management of your IBM i network by collecting events from multiple systems.

  • Enhance training, tech support, customer service, and more through real-time screen sharing.

Bytware has been a trusted source for iSeries IFS security, monitoring, and IBM virus native protection for more than 25 years. With thousands of installations, we're the savvy way to solve your message management, security, and tech support concerns.

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    Two forces—the downturn in the current economic climate and server virtualization and consolidation—are placing IT into an even tighter pinch. Thomas Stockwell shows you how automated monitoring, alerts, and consoling on IBM Power Systems can put your organization on the path to success in this new world.

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    Get in-depth information about Messenger, its features, and how the automated monitoring, notification, and consoling solution can help improve your IT operations and assist with regulatory compliance. This PDF document can provide many answers for those considering implementing Messenger on IBM i.