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Robot/SAVE, backup and recovery software, automates saving and restoring IBM i data and provides media management. If you need a disaster recovery package that can restore a single object, or an entire system, Robot/SAVE is for you.

Robot/SAVE is designed to solve all your disaster protection and recovery needs, including:

  • Automatic backup and recovery
  • Data encryption to tape
  • Selective IFS backup and recovery
  • Save media management
  • Object archive system
  • Data center management
  • Domino online backup
  • Automate restricted state backups


Robot/SAVE Disaster Recovery Software
Robot/SAVE automates the routine (yet often complex) tasks of iSeries backup and recovery, saving you both time and money, while making the process safer and more reliable.

  • Automates data backup, system restoration, and save media management
  • Simplifies your backup procedures
  • Eliminates media management errors
  • Manages volumes on multiple IBM i servers from a single location
  • Ensures that your system backups are completed and notifies you of any issues
  • Provides a structured approach to data backups and comprehensive reports to meet SOX requirements
  • Decreases the overall costs of running your IBM i due to automated save and restore operations, media tracking, and reporting

Back up Your IBM i Systems

Back up libraries, objects, documents, all or part of the Integrated File System (IFS), and active Domino databases. You use the same techniques and procedures to define all your data backups. These procedures describe everything required to do a recurring backup, including customized media management procedures that eliminate errors.

Encrypt Critical Data
Encrypt data as it’s saved to tape, making your backup tapes as secure as your system. You specify what to encrypt—libraries or individual objects—and the encryption process becomes part of your overall backup strategy. Restoration of encrypted data is transparent with Robot/SAVE.

Streamline IFS Backups and Restores
Add flexibility and speed to your IFS backup process by backing up just what you need for your critical applications like SAP. You can back up the entire IFS or specific directories. When you need to restore your data, Robot/SAVE offers you the same flexibility and speed.  

Media Management
Eliminate error-prone tape handling practices with Robot/SAVE’s save media management system. Define exact instructions to manage your tape movement; use auto-move processing to track tapes as they move from one location to the next; and generate reports to help you plan your media operations and provide a detailed audit trail of your media volumes.

Object Archive
Robot/SAVE’s Object Archive helps you restore prior versions of libraries, database files, source members, documents, programs, object lists, IFS files, or Domino databases. Just locate the version you need. Robot/SAVE tells you the tape to mount and performs the restoration automatically.

Restricted State Utility
Robot/SAVE’s Restricted State Utility lets you schedule commands, such as SAVSYS or NONSYS, that need to run in a restricted state. The utility takes care of warning users that the system will be entering a restricted state, ends the system, runs the specified commands, and restarts the system. Any issues are escalated to Robot/ALERT for mobile notification.

AML and VTL Support
Robot/SAVE interfaces with several automated media library (AML) systems (including IBM) for completely unattended backups. Robot/SAVE has also been certified and tested against multiple virtual tape library (VTL) systems for an even higher level of automation and data security.

Data Center Management
Manage your volumes across multiple IBM i systems. Robot/SAVE routes volume-related information in its database to all systems in the IBM i data center, and lets you perform volume management and reporting tasks from any system in the data center.

Centralized Scratch Pool
Create and maintain a centralized, yet distributed, scratch pool while ensuring tape integrity among the systems in your IBM i data center.

Guided Restoration
Robot/SAVE’s Guided Restoration process determines the most efficient order to restore libraries to minimize tape mounts and rewinds, and lets you restore your entire system with the touch of one function key.

Ad Hoc Operations
Not all tape operations involve data backups. For example, commands often write data to media volumes outside of Robot/SAVE. Robot/SAVE monitors the volumes used in these ad hoc operations, preventing users from overwriting valid data; manages the expiration dates for the volumes; and releases expired volumes to the scratch pool. 

Robot/SAVE includes a comprehensive set of reports that document backup setup defaults, recovery procedures, media volume information.

SOX Compliance
Robot/SAVE helps you comply with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act by providing a structured approach for backing up your data. Auditors can use its reports to verify where your backup media is located.

Robot/SAVE disaster recovery software backs up your IBM i and helps you recover your critical data in the event of a disaster. By combining Robot/SAVE with Robot systems management solutions, you can save money and enjoy the benefits of automated operations by simplifying tasks, eliminating bottlenecks, speeding processing, reducing errors, and satisfying SOX auditors.

  • Use Robot/SCHEDULE with Robot/SAVE to schedule your backups and tape management procedures so they run unattended and error-free.
  • Use Robot/ALERT with Robot/SAVE to receive alerts when a tape mount is needed or a device fails. You’ll know immediately when your system needs attention, even during restricted state operations.
  • Combine Robot/SAVE with Robot/REPORTS to track Robot/REPORTS tape archive volume usage and automate tape-handling during your Robot/REPORTS archiving and restoration processes.

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