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Robot/REPORTS: Report Management Software

Robot/REPORTS organizes your IBM i spooled files and presents them to you in an easy-to-use, secure browser interface or a direct email. Secure, selective online report viewing saves you time when searching for the most current or previous versions of the report you need to do your job. Never lose another report with Robot/REPORTS!

  • Automate report bursting and distribution
  • Organize your spooled files
  • Archive reports on and off the system
  • Safeguard confidential data
  • Present reports on a secure browser interface
  • Download report data to spreadsheets
  • Convert spooled files to HTML, PDF, CSV, and other formats

Great Online Viewing Options
Robot/REPORTS report management software organizes your IBM i reports and makes them accessible from a browser interface. Recipients can use Robot/REPORTS to access the list of reports they are authorized to see—a list that makes viewing new reports and retrieving old ones a snap.

The Robot/REPORTS Robot Browser Interface lets recipients view and work with their reports across multiple IBM i servers from a single Web browser on a PC, laptop, or tablet. Users can quickly scan for information, download, add notes to, and print their reports. They can also add their favorite reports to their list of commonly performed tasks for quick, easy access.

Automated Report Bursting and Distribution
Add flexibility to your report handling processes by using Robot/REPORTS to burst IBM i reports into segments for distribution to the end users that need them. You assign the users and groups who can view a report to keep your sensitive information secure. Robot/REPORTS can dramatically cut the number of pages printed, eliminate the costs of manual bursting and sorting, transform your report archives from piles of dusty paper and cluttered out queues to easy-access storage media, and safeguard your company’s confidential reports.


Convert Reports to PDF or HTML
PDF and HTML are ideal file formats for sharing report information and posting to a website. Robot/REPORTS can place this information into an IFS directory on your IBM i or email it directly to the recipient(s) using Robot/ALERT.

Sophisticated Report Bursting and Bundling
Robot/REPORTS bursts reports automatically to produce segment reports and summary reports. It can collect reports created during your nightly run and bundle them into one, neat stack that can be printed directly to the end user's assigned printer.

Automatic Report Archive
Robot/REPORTS organizes your report archive to make sure you know what reports you have archived and where they are. Robot/REPORTS lets you archive your reports on many different archive media and tracks the report location on disk, tape media, and virtual tape libraries (VTL). In addition, Robot/REPORTS allows the report administrator to define custom indexes to speed information retrieval.

You choose the archive strategy for each report: how long the report should be kept online for instant access, how long it should be kept in short-term storage, and how long it should be kept in long-term storage.

Report Accountability
If report management is your responsibility, you want a report handing package that can account for every report processed. Robot/REPORTS maintains a complete history of every report it processes. You’ll be on top of report security as well. The report access history lists everyone who viewed or printed a report with the date and time of each access. It also identifies the reports that could be eliminated—the ones no one looks at.

OPAL to Build the Reports You Want
Robot/REPORTS comes with OPAL (OPerator Assistance Language), our unique language for highly customized report management. OPAL lets you write simple procedures to build the reports you really want. OPAL can read a report line by line and react to the information in it. Based on your specifications, OPAL can include or exclude report pages and/or lines. It also can execute programs and commands; pass information to Robot/SCHEDULE; or send a text or email using Robot/ALERT based on what it finds in the report.

Don't forget about our great online viewing options!

Use Robot/ALERT to Email Reports Automatically
With the Robot/REPORTS interface to Robot/ALERT notification software, you can send your reports to one or multiple recipients in the file format of their choosing, automatically. All you do is specify the output option in Robot/REPORTS and enter a valid email address. Robot/ALERT can email the supported file formats with no additional setup on the system.

Schedule Your Report Distribution
Robot/SCHEDULE uses the sophisticated report distribution functions in Robot/REPORTS to distribute spooled files based on job name, spooled file name, outqueue, user data, and other selection criteria. You can use Robot/SCHEDULE work calendars to assign report distribution to specific recipients and system-wide reserved command variables for automatic report balancing. Send notification through Robot/ALERT if they don't match up!

Customize Your Report Layouts with Forms and Graphics
Use Robot/REPORTS to burst large reports by customer number or invoice number, then use Robot/TRANSFORM output-to-PDF software to apply forms package graphics to each section as PDF output. Robot/TRANSFORM can convert an ASCII-formated spooled file into a PDF file and distribute it to a directory in the IFS and email directly to the recipient using Robot/ALERT. Robot/TRANSFORM can also convert IFS files and all graphic spooled files created by applications that generate PCL, AFP, and SCS output. You can use Robot/REPORTS with Robot/TRANSFORM to archive ASCII and AFP spooled files.


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