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Robot/ALERT: Notification Software

Robot/ALERT, IBM i notification software, is a vital companion to Robot systems management products. Robot/ALERT sends email, text, and SNMP messages in reaction to events on the system or from your programs. Robot/ALERT can automatically notify an operator or list of recipients when your IBM i needs assistance. Robot/ALERT allows you to:

  • Automatically escalate exceptions detected by other Robot automation tools
  • Send messages to virtually any device
  • Answer messages from almost any device
  • Send messages from your programs
  • Use powerful broadcast lists

Connect to the Robot Systems Management Solution 
If you want to run your iSeries unattended, Robot/ALERT is critical component of your systems by exception. Robot/ALERT sends email, SNMP, or text messages quickly and easily from other Robot products to your operations staff. You can even embed Robot/ALERT commands in your programs.

  • Send messages from your iSeries to any device—laptops, PCs, cell phones, pagers, and enterprise monitors—to keep you in touch with your system from anywhere.
  • Use two-way messaging to answer IBM i messages directly from your device in conjunction with Robot/CONSOLE.
  • Send messages to everyone on a broadcast list or just the person on duty. Robot/ALERT can even check schedules to find the correct people.
  • Communicate to the outside world using SMTP/POP3, SMS, SNMP, TAP, and SNPP protocols.
  • Works with any paging service that uses the TAP industry-standard computer interface and supports the protocols of more than 90 paging services.

Two-Way Email Messages
With Robot/ALERT assisting you with message management, you can send and receive two-way email messages from your IBM i, including IFS attachments.

  • Manage your system remotely by responding to messages escalated from Robot/CONSOLE to Robot/ALERT.
  • Define broadcast lists of multiple recipients using a variety of protocols.

Easy Setup, Configuration, and Maintenance
Robot/ALERT provides tools to help you setup and manage your notifications. Robot/GUIDE, the built-in assistant, makes it easy to set up and manage your email and paging vendors, devices, and communication jobs.

  • During installation, Robot/GUIDE walks you through the setup process automatically.
  • After installation, use Robot/GUIDE to set up new communication protocols and contact lists, including email addresses.
  • The menu system in Robot/ALERT makes it easy to maintain your communication protocols and contact lists.

Fast, Efficient Communication
Communication is fast and efficient because Robot/ALERT helps you you manage notifications by:

  • Grouping email and pager messages for a vendor into communication requests
  • Queuing requests for the next available communication job
  • Checking for failed communications at regular intervals
  • Recovering failed jobs

Added Flexibility
Robot/ALERT also allows you to control communication jobs and contact lists by holding and releasing any individual contact through the Robot/ALERT menu or with a command. When you release a contact, Robot/ALERT can automatically purge its queued messages so you won't flood the recipient.

Team Robot/ALERT with Robot Systems Management Solutions
Automated exception notification is a key part of any automation solution. When paired with other Robot products, Robot/ALERT notifies you when jobs end abnormally, when messages go unanswered, when thresholds are reached, when security is breached, or when resources need attention.

  • Add Robot/SCHEDULE job scheduling software and Robot/ALERT will notify you when important jobs end abnormally, run too long, not long enough, or don't start on time. Combine with Robot/REPLAY and Robot/ALERT also notifies you about your interactive processes.
  • Add Robot/CONSOLE message management software and Robot/ALERT notifies you when an important message needs a response. Robot/ALERT works with Robot/CONSOLE to notify you if important system messages aren’t answered in a reasonable amount of time. Using two-way messaging, you can respond quickly from anywhere.
  • Robot/SAVE automated backup and recovery software uses Robot/ALERT to send you a notification when it needs help with a backup.
  • Robot/REPORTS report management software works with Robot/ALERT to email reports to selected users in a variety of common file formats (PDF, HTML, CSV, and TXT) automatically.
  • When combined with Robot/SPACE, Robot/ALERT notifies you when disk storage, job tempory storage, and disk growth thresholds are breached.
  • With Robot/NETWORK performance management software, you can consolidate your Robot/ALERT notifications from all IBM i systems to a central location.


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