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EASY VIEW increases your productivity on your IBM i by reducing the need for DFU and native query to view or change the contents of database files. EASY VIEW makes it easy to correct your database files, add new records, print and change existing records, and delete records. You also can view entries from journaled files for hard-to-find update bugs and quickly create test records. Plus, EASY VIEW maintains an audit trail of all this activity.

See Your Database Clearly and Find Database Bugs

EASY VIEW helps you reduce errors and increase programmer productivity on your IBM i.

  • Display only what you want to see of your database
  • Simplify your debugging process
  • Display file information quickly and easily
  • Find and fix problems fast
  • Keep your databases secure by tracking every change
  • Export records to a file format that is readable by any spreadsheet program

Watch the short "Introduction to EASY VIEW" Video.

Multiple Display Modes
EASY VIEW provides 10 ways to view records using 4 different display modes.

EASY VIEW can search the file for values, including null values. You tell EASY VIEW where to look and what to look for, and it searches the file, forward or backward, until it finds it. Use the scanning feature to run a record comparison and to replace or delete records.

Data Models
Instead of coding a display program to define how records are presented and which operations can be performed, just define a data model for the file in EASY VIEW. Data models are stored permanently so you can use them at any time.

Display Multiple Types of Files
Use EASY VIEW to display every type of data file, including keyed and arrival sequence files, logical files built over one or more physical files (including join files), source files, and DDM files to display databases on remote systems.

Customized Views
Each field can have a heading identifying it; numeric fields are unpacked and edited. Any fields that do not convert correctly are flagged so you can locate possible decimal errors. And, you can customize your entry screen by picking only the fields you want to see. EASY VIEW lets you select the fields you want to work with and displays them next to each other in the order you selected. You can store and reuse your combinations.

Find and Fix Problems Fast
Use the powerful EZJOURNAL command to create specific views of journal entries and reuse them to view and edit the entries. The command also helps when recovering from a power or hardware failure—you can inspect journal entries quickly to determine where an application halted.

Database Security
You can tailor EASY VIEW to ensure the security of your database. Define global defaults and values for specific user profiles. Prohibit updates to production libraries, allowing changes to test libraries only. Create an audit trail record of EASY VIEW database changes.

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