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Workload Automation Software for iSeries (AS/400, Power Systems, System i)

Help/Systems offers a complete line of workload automation software products to automate a wide range of iSeries (AS/400, Power Systems, System i) functions. From job scheduling software to message management solutions, from backup and recovery to report management, and more—each workload automation software product works independently in its own operations management area. Used together, the products create a complete workload automation software solution for your iSeries servers.

Our flagship workload automation software, the Robot/SCHEDULE job scheduling software automates common operator duties including job scheduling and batch job management. You can schedule jobs based on time patterns or in reaction to events on any iSeries in a network.
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Robot/SCHEDULE Enterprise is an add-on for the Robot/SCHEDULE iSeries job scheduling software that allows you to schedule jobs and monitor events on Windows, UNIX, and Linux servers connected to your iSeries. Use Robot/SCHEDULE Enterprise to create an event-driven job schedule across multiple servers.
Robot/REPLAY, an automated operations software plug-in for Robot/SCHEDULE, automates interactive job processes, including FTP. that mimic interactive processes that you can execute automatically and unattended using Robot/SCHEDULE.
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The Robot/SCHEDULE Interface to Oracle EnterpriseOne brings Robot/SCHEDULE’s reliable and flexible job scheduling and batch management to EnterpriseOne.
Robot/CONSOLE message management software monitors system console messages, resources, and system logs, and performs recovery procedures, notifies experts, and redirects or suppresses messages automatically.
Robot/NETWORK, the System i network control software, monitors your network (or partitions) for events that need corrective action. It distributes operating instructions for the Robot products to network systems (or partitions) automatically.
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Any good workload automation solution includes a notification tool. Use Robot/ALERT to notify an operator if your iSeries needs assistance. Robot/ALERT sends text, email, and SNMP messages in reaction to events on the system or from your programs.
Robot/SPACE eliminates disk space crises. It collects disk usage statistics, predicts future disk usage, and performs over 20 disk cleanup duties.
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Robot/SAVE, backup and recovery software, automates saving and restoring System i data and provides tape management. If you need a disaster recovery package that can restore a single object or the entire system, Robot/SAVE is what you are looking for.
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Robot/REPORTS report management software automates the operator duties of report bursting, distribution, bundling, and archiving. Secure, selective online report viewing saves you thousands of dollars a year in printing costs.
Robot/TRANSFORM converts IBM i spooled files and IFS files to Portable Document Format (PDF) for easy distribution. It preserves graphics and company logos used by electronic forms packages.
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Robot/AUTOTUNE continuously tunes the iSeries using the techniques you would use if you had time. The perfect complement to your iSeries job scheduling software, it monitors and tunes your system for maximum performance.
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Robot/LPAR, the IBM i partition management software, moves resources among partitions for efficient processing, manually or on a schedule. It also helps you set resource levels to meet service level agreements.
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Robot/CPA automates the tasks of monitoring job and device usage, pricing, and user chargeback. Use its displays and reports to track and charge back for device and processor use while operating unattended.
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Robot/TRAPPER receives SNMP event notifications (traps) from network devices, converts them into iSeries messages, and checks the status of your network devices and applications.
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Robot/UPS manages the iSeries during power failures and does an orderly shutdown before battery power runs out.
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Add greater flexibility to your workload automation software with the Robot Browser Interface. It provides a Web browser interface to the Robot products on your iSeries.
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EASY VIEW displays every type of data file and increases programmer productivity by reducing the need to use DFUs and queries to view or change the contents of database files.
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